In the video ‘How I Trained James McAvoy for Glass,’ Magnus Liegbach discusses his experience working with James McAvoy on the movie. He provides a behind-the-scenes look at McAvoy’s physical transformation for the role of “The Beast” and highlights the intense physical training required. Liegbach also promotes the Fit Track Dara scale, which monitors various health indicators and offers a discount code for viewers. He shares insights into the life of an actor and the preparation process for demanding roles, emphasizing the importance of a good working relationship and effective communication. Liegbach concludes by promoting his Magnus Method Training Program App and thanking the viewers for watching.

Working with James McAvoy on the film ‘Glass’ was an incredible experience for trainer and nutritionist Magnus Liegbach. In this captivating video, Liegbach shares how he trained McAvoy and offers a unique look into the life of an actor preparing for physically demanding roles. He discusses their working dynamic, the nutrition and training cycles they followed, and the challenges they faced in maintaining muscle mass while reducing body fat. Liegbach also expresses gratitude to Fit Track for sponsoring the video, promotes his Magnus Method app, and reflects on the excitement and pressure of seeing McAvoy bring “The Beast” to life on set.

Magnus Liegbach discusses his work with James McAvoy on the movie ‘Glass’

Introduction of Magnus Liegbach

Magnus Liegbach is an experienced trainer and nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. His expertise lies in helping actors and celebrities achieve their physical goals for demanding roles. In this article, Magnus will discuss his work on the movie ‘Glass’ with James McAvoy and provide insights into the training process.

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Thanking FitTrack for sponsoring the video

Before delving into the details of his work with James McAvoy, Magnus takes a moment to thank FitTrack for sponsoring the video. FitTrack is a scale that monitors 17 different health indicators, including body fat, muscle mass, and hydration. Magnus has been using FitTrack to track his own progress and adjust his nutrition and training accordingly. He offers viewers a discount code for FitTrack products to help them make smarter decisions about their health.

Working on building the character ‘The Beast’

One of Magnus’ favorite projects was working on the movie ‘Glass’ with James McAvoy. In the film, McAvoy played the character ‘The Beast,’ who is physically powerful and imposing. Magnus explains that he had the opportunity to shape and build the physique of ‘The Beast’ alongside McAvoy. They had discussions about how they wanted the character to look and how to achieve that transformation.

Importance of a good working relationship with the actor

Magnus emphasizes the importance of a good working relationship with the actor when undertaking a physical transformation. He explains that trust, communication, and mutual respect are key factors in achieving the desired results. Magnus and James McAvoy had a professional partnership built on these principles, allowing them to effectively collaborate and create ‘The Beast’ character together.

Nutrition and training cycles for the project

Magnus outlines the different phases in the training program for ‘Glass.’ He explains that there are typically three cycles: the build-up bulk cycle, the cutting cycle, and the maintenance cycle. Each cycle has its specific goals and requires adjustments to nutrition and training. Magnus tailored the nutrition plan for James McAvoy to ensure that he had the necessary energy and nutrients to support his intense training regimen.

Challenges of maintaining muscle mass while reducing body fat

Simultaneously maintaining muscle mass while reducing body fat can be a challenging task. Magnus discusses the difficulties associated with this process and the strategies he employed to overcome them. He emphasizes the importance of precise nutrition and training adjustments to strike the right balance between muscle gain and fat loss.

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Role on set and ensuring James looks physically powerful

While on set, Magnus had specific responsibilities to ensure that James McAvoy looked physically powerful as ‘The Beast.’ He describes his role in coordinating warm-up routines and exercises to prepare James for shooting scenes. Magnus also worked closely with the film’s costume and makeup departments to ensure that James’ physique aligned with the character’s physicality.

Promotion of Magnus Method Training Program App

Magnus takes the opportunity to promote his Magnus Method Training Program App. The app provides daily fitness advice and inspiration to users, helping them achieve their fitness goals. Magnus explains the features and benefits of the app, encouraging viewers to check it out for customized training programs and expert guidance.

Promotion of other products by Magnus Method

In addition to the training app, Magnus mentions several other products available through the Magnus Method. He highlights his beard oil and training bands, showcasing the variety of offerings from his brand. Magnus provides information on how viewers can access these products and enhance their fitness journey.


To conclude the article, Magnus summarizes his work on the movie ‘Glass’ with James McAvoy. He expresses gratitude to viewers for their support and engagement. Finally, Magnus makes a final promotion of the Magnus Method Training Program App, encouraging readers to explore the app for their daily fitness needs.