Hey there! Are you ready for a fitness challenge? Well, get ready because we have an exciting 30-Day Wonder Woman Workout Challenge featuring Lexie Limitless. The video, created by Magnus Method and sponsored by LMNT, is packed with fitness advice, nutrition tips, and a whole lot of inspiration. And guess what? Viewers can claim a free LMNT Sample Pack, just cover the shipping costs. Magnus Lygdback, a renowned trainer and nutritionist with over 20 years of experience, partnered up with Lexie, a popular YouTuber, for a 45-day challenge where she trained and followed a nutrition plan inspired by Lara Croft. She gained nearly six pounds of muscle during the challenge! Now, Magnus and Lexie are teaming up again for a new challenge, training like Wonder Woman. Get ready to dive into this incredible fitness journey and discover the secrets behind Wonder Woman’s strength and endurance.


Welcome to the 30-Day Wonder Woman Workout Challenge featuring Lexie Limitless! In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the details of this exciting fitness challenge brought to you by Magnus Method and sponsored by LMNT. Get ready to learn about the incredible team behind this challenge, including Magnus Lygdback, an experienced trainer and nutritionist with over 20 years of expertise. We will explore the previous challenge with Lexi, where she trained as Lara Croft, and the amazing results she achieved. Then, we will dive into the new Wonder Woman workout program, highlighting its unique training approach and the incorporation of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Additionally, we will discuss the importance of nutrition and provide guidance on recommended foods and specific calorie intake. Finally, we will reveal Lexi’s outstanding results and her gratitude towards Magnus. So, get ready to embark on this Wonder Woman journey and unleash your inner superhero!

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Overview of the Challenge

30-Day Wonder Woman Workout Challenge

Featuring Lexie Limitless

The 30-Day Wonder Woman Workout Challenge is an exciting fitness program designed to help you unleash your inner Wonder Woman. This challenge features the talented and motivated Lexie Limitless, who will embark on a journey to transform her body and mindset, just like the iconic superhero.

The challenge is brought to you by Magnus Method, a renowned fitness brand known for its effective training programs and expertise in nutrition. To make the challenge possible, it is proudly sponsored by LMNT, an electrolyte drink mix ensuring optimal hydration during workouts.

The Players

Magnus Method


Lexie Limitless

The key players in this challenge are Magnus Method, LMNT, and the incredible Lexie Limitless. Magnus Method is a trusted fitness brand founded by Magnus Lygdback, a highly experienced trainer and nutritionist. With a reputation for delivering exceptional results, Magnus Method is the driving force behind this transformative challenge. Additionally, LMNT is a sponsor that provides a tasty electrolyte drink mix to support hydration during workouts.

Lexie Limitless, a popular YouTuber and fitness enthusiast, is the inspiring individual who will take on the 30-Day Wonder Woman Workout Challenge. With her determination and the guidance of Magnus Lygdback, she will push her limits and achieve remarkable results.

Magnus Lygdback

Trainer and Nutritionist

Over 20 Years of Experience

Guinness World Record Holder

Magnus Lygdback is not only the founder of Magnus Method but also a highly experienced trainer and nutritionist with over 20 years of expertise in the field. His vast knowledge and dedication to fitness have earned him the respect of many clients and athletes. In fact, Magnus recently broke the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to travel to every country in the world. His commitment to his craft and his own physical fitness is truly remarkable.

Previous Challenge

45-Day Challenge with Lexi

Inspired by Lara Croft

Significant Muscle Gain

Before embarking on the Wonder Woman Workout Challenge, Lexi took on a 45-day challenge with Magnus, where she trained and followed a nutrition plan inspired by Lara Croft, the iconic fictional character. The results she achieved during this previous challenge were exceptional, with Lexi gaining nearly six pounds of muscle. Her hard work and dedication paid off, proving that with the right training and nutrition, incredible transformations are possible.

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The New Challenge

Training like Wonder Woman

Promoting Elements

Building on the success of the Lara Croft challenge, Magnus and Lexi decided to take on a new challenge – training like Wonder Woman. Drawing inspiration from Gal Gadot’s intense preparation for her role as Wonder Woman, Lexi sought to embody the strength and resilience of this iconic character. Magnus, known for his ability to tailor workouts to specific goals and desired physiques, developed a specialized program to help Lexi achieve this transformation. Furthermore, this challenge is proudly sponsored by Elements, an electrolyte drink mix that supports optimal performance during workouts.

The Wonder Woman Workout Program

Five-Split Program

Focus on Different Body Parts

Incorporation of HIIT

The Wonder Woman Workout Program is an intense and dynamic fitness regimen that utilizes a five-split program. This means that different body parts are focused on specific days throughout the week. By targeting different areas of the body, this program enables individuals to emphasize specific muscle groups while allowing other parts to rest and recover.

In addition to the targeted workouts, the Wonder Woman program incorporates High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This form of exercise involves short bursts of intense activity followed by brief rest periods. By incorporating HIIT, individuals can maximize fat burning, improve cardiovascular fitness, and boost overall endurance.

Nutrition Guidance

Importance of Nutrition

Recommended Foods

Grocery Shopping with Lexi

Specific Calorie Intake

Understandably, nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving optimal fitness results. Magnus emphasizes the significance of proper nourishment to support the body’s needs during this challenging training program. By providing guidance on recommended foods and specific calorie intake, he ensures that Lexi and others engaged in the Wonder Woman Workout Challenge have the necessary fuel to sustain their intense workouts.

Magnus encourages the inclusion of nutritious foods in the daily diet. Protein-rich foods, such as eggs and lean meats, are recommended to support muscle growth and repair. Additionally, vegetables play a vital role in providing essential vitamins and minerals. Magnus and Lexi even take a trip to the grocery store together to demonstrate the importance of making wise food choices and selecting high-quality, organic ingredients.

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To ensure a balanced approach, Magnus advises specific calorie intake targets. These targets are tailored to individual needs and goals, accounting for factors such as activity level and body composition. By following these guidelines, individuals can support their fitness journeys and optimize their results.

Lexi’s Results

Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Wonder Woman Action Scene

After completing the intense 30-day challenge, Lexi achieved exceptional results. She successfully lost 2.5 pounds of fat while simultaneously gaining 1.7 pounds of muscle. This transformation showcases the effectiveness of the Wonder Woman Workout Program and the commitment and effort Lexi put into her training.

To celebrate her progress and showcase her newfound strength and agility, Lexi filmed a Wonder Woman action scene. This thrilling demonstration highlights the immense physical demands of action scenes and stunt work. Lexi’s dedication and hard work truly paid off as she embodied the strength and power of Wonder Woman.


Lexi’s Gratitude

Accessibility of Magnus’s Programs

In conclusion, the 30-Day Wonder Woman Workout Challenge featuring Lexie Limitless is an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a transformative fitness journey. With Magnus Lygdback’s expert guidance, individuals can push their limits and achieve remarkable results. The combination of a specialized workout program, nutrition guidance, and commitment to training like a superhero lays the foundation for success.

Lexi expresses her profound gratitude to Magnus for his unwavering support throughout the challenge. She acknowledges the accessibility of Magnus’s programs, thanks to the Magnus Method Training Program App, which provides daily fitness advice and inspiration. With Magnus’s extensive experience and dedication to empowering individuals, anyone can access his remarkable training programs and take their fitness to new heights.

So, are you ready to embrace your inner Wonder Woman? Join the challenge, follow the Wonder Woman Workout Program, and discover the extraordinary results you can achieve when you commit to your fitness journey. Remember, with Magnus Method and a little bit of superhero determination, anything is possible!