In the article “Magnus Method trained Alexander Skarsgård for his role in The Northman,” you’ll get an inside look at how fitness and nutrition professional Magnus Lygdback prepared Alexander Skarsgård for his role in the Viking movie “The Northman.” The training lasted for nearly a year and included a four-day split focusing on strength training and compound movements. Magnus emphasizes the importance of injury prevention during filming and makes small adjustments to the program as needed. He also provides a sample back session workout from the program, highlighting the exercises and techniques they used to prepare Skarsgård for the physical demands of the movie. If you’re interested in his programs, Magnus has a training app and nutrition guide available.

In a video by the Magnus Method titled “How I Trained Alexander Skarsgård for The NORTHMAN,” Magnus himself shares his experience working with Skarsgård and the excitement of being a part of the Viking movie project. He explains that prepping for the movie involved intense training and dieting, with a focus on building size and strength while maintaining adequate energy levels. Magnus mentions the importance of injury prevention during filming and showcases a sample back session workout from the training program. Additionally, he invites viewers to follow him on Instagram for daily fitness advice and inspiration, and mentions that he has a training app and nutrition guide available for those interested in his programs.

Training with Magnus Method

If you’ve ever wondered how actors and actresses transform their bodies for movie roles, then you’re in for a treat. Magnus Lygdback, a fitness and nutrition professional with over 20 years of experience, has been training some of the top actors, actresses, and artists in the industry. One of his most recent clients was the talented Alexander Skarsgård, whom he trained for his role in the highly anticipated Viking movie, “The Northman.”

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Training with Magnus Method

The training process with Magnus Method is no easy feat. It requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to your fitness goals. For Alexander Skarsgård, the training lasted for nearly a year, allowing him to transform his physique and fully embody his character in “The Northman.” Magnus Lygdback’s experience in training top actors and artists made him the perfect choice for Skarsgård’s fitness journey.

Preparing for “The Northman”

“The Northman” has been in the making for five years, and the preparation for the film was no small task. Skarsgård and Magnus began their training in Vancouver before making their way to Belfast, Northern Ireland for the filming. The preparation period before filming can be especially challenging for actors, as they have to focus on their physical fitness and maintain a specific diet to prepare for the demands of their roles.

Training During Filming

Once filming began, the training sessions became even more intense. Skarsgård had to balance the physical demands of the movie with the need to prevent injuries. Magnus Method prioritizes injury prevention, especially during the rigorous filming process. Both Skarsgård and Magnus made small adjustments to the training program during certain periods of filming, ensuring that Skarsgård was in top shape throughout the entire production.

Skarsgård’s Training Program

Skarsgård’s training program focused on a four-day split, allowing him to target specific muscle groups while giving them ample time to rest and recover. The program included strength training and compound movements, which are essential for building muscle mass. To prioritize gaining muscle mass, cardio exercises were reduced, as the main focus was on building strength and increasing size.

The program also included exercises specifically designed to prepare Skarsgård’s shoulders and hips for the physical demands of his character. As a Viking warrior swinging an axe, it was crucial for Skarsgård to have strong and mobile shoulders and hips to perform the action sequences effectively.

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Sample Back Session Workout

To give you a taste of Skarsgård’s training program, let’s take a look at a sample back session workout. This particular workout focused on targeting the back and core muscles, which are essential for maintaining proper posture and stability.

The workout began with a warm-up routine that included rowing and banded exercises. The rowing machine was chosen as it activates both the back and core muscles, preparing them for the upcoming exercises. After the warm-up, various exercises were performed to target different areas of the back and strengthen the core.

It’s important to note that injury prevention was a significant consideration during the workouts. Magnus emphasized the importance of maintaining proper form and technique to prevent any unnecessary strain or injuries.

Magnus Method Training App

If you’re interested in trying out Magnus Method for yourself, you’re in luck. Magnus has developed a training app that contains workouts and nutrition guides for different fitness goals. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or improve your overall fitness, Magnus Method has a program tailored to meet your needs.

The app provides comprehensive guidance and instruction, ensuring that you perform exercises correctly and efficiently. With Magnus Method’s training app, you can have the expertise of a fitness and nutrition professional right at your fingertips.

In conclusion, training with Magnus Method is a comprehensive and effective way to transform your physique and achieve your fitness goals. Skarsgård’s experience with Magnus for his role in “The Northman” is a testament to the success of this training method. Whether you’re an actor preparing for a movie role or simply someone looking to improve their overall fitness, Magnus Method has the expertise and resources to help you reach your full potential. So why wait? Start your fitness journey with Magnus Method today!